Archeologist Discovery! 🔎

During a sunny day back in September 2022, archaeologist Steve Tomlinson made an astonishing discovery whilst mudlarking in North Kent with archaeologist Emily Brown…

After 3 hours of scouring they stumbled upon a very old shoe-like piece of leather which they’d later discover was a 3,000-year-old, late Bronze Age toddler’s shoe. The shoe is potentially the oldest found in the British Isles, and also thought to be the smallest Bronze Age shoe found in the world. 

During the last few months, the shoe has been conserved by our very own Dana Goodburn brown from CSI Sittingbourne, an accredited Archaeological Conservator.

As archaeological conservators, their work sometimes takes them out of the lab and is often full of special surprises – like the UK’s oldest shoe! Currently, they are busy x-raying finds being excavated as part of the HS2 project; as well as, digitising and caring for all the finds that were found in Kent for the HS1 project.